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The Official Homepage of Captain Horatio Nelson Cockle (RN retired)

Welcome to the new official page of Captain Cockle & friends. In September 2012 I'll launching a whole new website featuring a fully illustrated new edition of Captain Cockle and the Cormorant, Captain to be available online through Spindrift Press, Dublin, along with online facilities such as a feature on the submarine Cormorant, Captain Cockle's Seashore Safari, Captain Cockle's Log and Lesson ideas for teachers.

So climb aboard the Captain's super-sub Cormorant for a voyage to see what's on the bottom.

Words and Graphics by

John Joyce

Copyright John Joyce 2011

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Fighting a Giant Crab


Captain Cockle and the Cormorant

Jenny and William are spending what promises to be a quiet seaside holiday with their grandparents when news comes of a trapped mini-sub in the North Sea. What is Captain Cockle working on in his shed? And why wasn't the "helicopter" that William saw "crash" into the sea at midnight cause any concern?

Join the Captain, his wife Dr Catherine Cockle, Jenny and William on a hair-raising rescue mission - involving battles with giant sea anemones, collosal crabs and a conger eel the size of a train - as Captain Horatio Nelson Cockle puts the amazing submarine Cormorant through its paces for the first time.

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Captain Cockle and the Loch Ness Monster

Someone - or something - is stealing fish from Alistair MacTavish's fish farm on Loch Ness. Is it a rogue seal, environmental protesters - or something far more sinister.

Dive beneath the dark waters of the Loch with Captain Cockle and his crew in the super-sub Cormorant, to uncover the myster and solve a puzzle that dates back to the age of dinosaurs and the birth of the Loch Ness Monster!

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loch ness monsters


Captain Cockle and the Pond

What happens when a million volts of electricity accidentally hit a top-secret miniaturising machine? Captain Cockle and his crew find out when a bolt of lightning hits the flying submarine Cormorant and sends it spinning into a nightmare lake.

Is everything what it seems? Or has the Cormorant plunged into a strange new world of monster insects, giant swans and ravenous fish as big as supertankers?

Join the Captain, his wife Dr. Catherine Cockle and their grandchildren Jenny and William on a perilous race against the clock, as they battle giant rats, hungry dogs and treacherous industrial spies to escape to normality, from the monstrous world of . . . the pond!

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Captain Cockle's Log

Captain Cockle's Seashore Safari

Ideas for Teachers

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