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The Submarine SSRV Cormorant

Special Submersible Rescue Vehicle

The SSRV Cormorant is no ordinary submarine. Built of a super-light titanium alloy, it is strong enough to withstand the incredible pressures of any depths of the ocean.

It is powered by Captain Cockle's patented batteries which in turn drive a high-efficiency electric motor links to the propellers and to the manipulator arms, which allow it to pick up objects from the bottom of the sea.

There is also a diving chamber, to allow the crew to exit the vessel and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) fitted with a camera, designed to reach places that even the Cormorant cannot reach.

plans of submarine cormorant  
submarine cormorant at its base The Cormorant is hidden in a secret cave below Captain Cocke's shed at Cormorant Cottage. Solar power for the ship's batteries is collected through the lenses of the lighthouse and access to the shed is provided by a special lift. cormorant cottage  

The SSRV Cormorant has two special features that make it unique. Firstly, like the bird it is named after, it can fly. This is done by deploying a set of helicopter rotor blades from behind the conning tower, turning the main propeller sideways to act as a tail rotor and simply taking off!

This allows the Cormorant to get to rescue missions much faster than an ordinary submarine.

The second feature is even more amazing.

By running huge quantities of electricity through special wires in the hull the submarine, the Cormorant can actually shrink to the size of a sausage!

This allows it to reach into spaces that no other submarine can reach and to study marine life closer than any other submarine has ever before. One problem with this however, is that the crew are always shrunken too. This leads to exciting battles with giant sea anemones, crabs and conger eels, which you can read about in the Captain Cockle adventure books.

cormorant takes off  
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