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Captain Cockle's Log

Following the success of this page in the environmental newspaper Sherkin Comment, the Captain will be using this space for interesting facts about the sea, as well as news items, books, DVD's, websites and events that you might like to know about.

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whale rock band

Louder than the loudest rock band

Blue whales are the loudest animals on earth. When they call to each other, their low frequency whistles rise up to 188 decibels – louder than a jet engine (at 140 decibels) and MUCH louder than human shouting (at only 70 decibels). Any sound over 120 decibels is painful to the human ear.

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The tallest mountain in the world is the submarine volcano at Mauna Kea in Hawaii, whose cinder cone stands over 9,000 metres above the ocean floor.

This makes it slightly higher than Mount Everest which stands 8,850 metres above sea level and was first climbed by Sir Edmund Hilary in 1953

Deeper and Deeper . . .

In 1930 William Beebe dived to over 400 meters in steel sphere 6 cm thick.

In 1963 the bathyscaphe “Trieste”  - consisting of a steel sphere below a gasoline filled steel float – dived over eleven KILOMETERS to the deepest part of the ocean, the “Challenger Deep” of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific


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